Driftwood Sculpture with Pounamu

Artist: Rachael Court

A combination of driftwood from the West Coast beach and NZ Pounamu makes this sculpture unique and a one off design.

Size: Sculpture - 190x175x170mm

Size: Base - 30x220x85mm


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Artist: Rachel Yerbury

Inspired by the natural materials and the seashore.

Mixed sculptures with pottery, wood, paua and wire.

Size: Boat - 190 x 130 mm

         Base - 85 mm high


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Hokitika Driftwood Sign - JS1

From the iconic driftwood sculpture located on the Hokitika Beach, a miniature sign made of steel and attached to a piece of driftwood from the Hokitika beach. 


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Artist: Peter Bishop

This unique piece is carved with a beautiful piece of West Coast Pounamu.

Pi size: 85mm in diameter

Base size: 75x32x38mm


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Tangiwai Disc

Artist: Peter Bishop

A rare and beautiful piece of Pounamu, Tangiwai Pounamu is only found is the Milford Sounds area of the South Island. A glassy, translucent stone which can not be compared with another.

Size: 85mm in diameter


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Artist: Mark Dimock

Cut in steel, these dancers will revive your outdoor space. The Dancers love to dance with the wind, they will sway in the breeze and bring your garden to life. 

Size: 600mm on up to 1.2m rod

*price is per Dancer


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  • Ships within 3-5 days1

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